Production Turning Co-2Phillip  Aurbach, founder, left the navy at the end of WW2 as an engineer on the famous USS Atherton, the ship that sank the last German submarine in world war 2.

He then worked for Ford Motor. in Michigan, after that, as Worldwide Sales Manager and machine troubleshooter for a large French company, where he traveled the world until 1972 when he decided to settle in California where he founded Production Turning Co.

The aim of the company from its inception was, as it is now, to produce a full range of steel and aluminum chuck jaws, made to the highest standards, and sold at reasonable prices.

Not contented with the ready made aluminum blanks available and the castings made for the company, the decision was made to cast all blanks in house to ensure the highest quality. By the use of a programmable electric furnace and hand pouring, thet standard of the company’s products has been maintained at the highest levels.

about_production-2When our founder passed away, the company was bought by the long term employees and has continued to produce the produce the products in exactly the same way.

we have a reputation of service and a product that has stood the test of times, the influx of both foreign made jaws and poor quality jaws sold at great discounts.

out full range of soft and aluminumjaws covers almost all types of machines in use today.

If a customer has a special need we can normally make any jaw type.

Our readiness to take on the challenge of making unusal jaws has earned us customers as far away as Canada and Mexico.

While being proud of our abilities at making difficult jaws and completing rush orders, we never forget that the majority of our business is selling regular run of the mill jaws to the hard working machines shop that keep america going.

We are here for customers and intend to be here to service them for many years to come with the same dedication that has ensured our survival through good times and bad.

We thank our customers one and all for your continued business and even though we now have computers as well as fax ordering available for your convenience, remember when you need personal service, we are always only a phone call away, when you call, you get an answer.

Thank you, from Production Turning Co.employees.